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Online sequential learning with non-iterative strategy for feature extraction, classification and data augmentation

dc.contributor.advisorYang, Yimin
dc.contributor.authorPaul, Adhri Nandini
dc.description.abstractNetwork aims to optimize for minimizing the cost function and provide better performance. This experimental optimization procedure is widely recognized as gradient descent, which is a form of iterative learning that starts from a random point on a function and travels down its slope, in steps, until it reaches to the steepest point which is time-consuming and slow to converge. Over the last couple of decades, several variations of the non-iterative neural network training algorithms have been proposed, such as Random Forest and Quicknet. However, the non-iterative neural network training algorithms do not support online training that given a very largesized training data, one needs enormous computing resources to train neural network. In this thesis, a non-iterative learning strategy with online sequential has been exploited. In Chapter 3, a single layer Online Sequential Sub-Network node (OS-SN) classifier has been proposed that can provide competitive accuracy by pulling the residual network error and feeding it back into hidden layers. In Chapter 4, a multilayer network is proposed where the first portion built by transforming multi-layer autoencoder into an Online Sequential Auto-Encoder(OS-AE) and use OS-SN for classification. In Chapter 5, OS-AE is utilized as a generative model that can construct new data based on subspace features and perform better than conventional data augmentation techniques on real-world image and tabular datasets.en_US
dc.subjectNeural networksen_US
dc.subjectNetwork training algorithmen_US
dc.subjectMachine learningen_US
dc.subjectOnline sequential learningen_US
dc.titleOnline sequential learning with non-iterative strategy for feature extraction, classification and data augmentationen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US of Scienceen_US Scienceen_US Universityen_US

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