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Effect of spacing management on growth and commercial logging of red pine

dc.contributor.advisorCrowe, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorDing, Yi
dc.description.abstractTo maximize utilization of the forest resource, spacing management always plays an important role in tree planting. It will influence tree height, diameter, mortality, self-pruning, and most importantly, early growth rate of red pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) which will affect its logging time. Although the general nature of the effects of various spacings is fairly well understood, the magnitude of those effects is not. For example, if the spacing is too wide, reduced self-pruning will result in more and larger knots. Branch pruning may be required as a result and thus increase the commercial cost. However, proper spacing providing maximum growing space and directly affect the early growth rate of red pine, and thus benefit commercial logging. The purpose of this thesis is to use the data collected by the OMNR and USDA to determine the effects that spacing has on the growth and stand yield of red pine at varied spacing distances. We conclude that the abundant spacing provides trees with enough resources to survive and create crown closure.en_US
dc.subjectSpacing management (tree planting)en_US
dc.subjectStand yielden_US
dc.subjectAfforestation densityen_US
dc.subjectPruning and wood densityen_US
dc.subjectLogging (Red Pine)en_US
dc.titleEffect of spacing management on growth and commercial logging of red pineen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Bachelor of Environmental Managementen_US Resources Managementen_US Universityen_US

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