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Decolonizing (for settlers): a pedagogical framework for enacting responsibilities

dc.contributor.advisorLevkoe, Charles
dc.contributor.authorStrutt, Courtney
dc.description.abstractThe first section of this portfolio offers a grounding of core concepts central to the framework, specifically an explanation of settler colonialism, why use the terms Indigenous and settler, and what decolonization seeks and requires. The second section uses the transformative theory of decolonization — with its valid criticisms, unwavering demands, and ethic of relationality — to create a pedagogical framework for settler responsibilities in decolonization. Through compiling and analyzing the knowledge and insight of Indigenous scholars, Knowledge Keepers, and activists on decolonization, alongside settler scholar allies, the framework offers a starting point into the complex web of ideas and approaches to settler responsibilities by viewing this process as a dynamic whole comprised of key elements. Through the use of a critically reflexive lens that grounds me, and my worldview, as the constructor of this pedagogical framework, this portfolio is a way for the exploration of these ideas to expand not only my learning and growth, but also the learning and growth of other settler peoples. The final section offers a personally interrogative conclusion that investigates my own critical consciousness raising experience through engagement in the elements of the framework.en_US
dc.subjectSettler colonialismen_US
dc.subjectDecolonizing pedagogyen_US
dc.titleDecolonizing (for settlers): a pedagogical framework for enacting responsibilitiesen_US
dc.typePortfolioen_US of Educationen_US Universityen_US

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