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    • Immanants and their applications in quantum optics 

      Spivak, Dylan (2020)
      The regular representation of Sn appears quite naturally in the combinatorial problem of the redistribution of quantum particles though an n-channel interferometer. By using tools from representation theory, it has been ...
    • A Modification of the Effros-Handelman-Shen Theorem with Z2 actions 

      Choi, Bit Na (2020)
      In this thesis, we show that if we have a Z2 action on a latticeordered dimension group, then it will arise as an inductive limit of Z2 actions on simplicial groups. This work was motivated by the range of the invariant ...
    • A Subspace of l₂(X) without the approximation property 

      Chlebovec, Christopher (2012-11-10)
      The aim of the thesis is to provide support to the following conjecture, which would provide an isomorphic characterization of a Hilbert space in terms of the approximation property: an infinite dimensional Banach space X ...