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Personality compatibility and group cohesion among musicians

dc.contributor.advisorO'Connor, Brian
dc.contributor.authorDyce, Jamie
dc.description.abstractTliis study examined the relationship between personality compatibility and cohesion among 50 musical groups (191 subjects). Two novel approaches were used; (1) aggregated ratings of personality; and (2) Neuroticism as a potential moderator variable. Participants completed circumplex measures of Assured-Dominance, Gregarious-Extraverted, Arrogant- Calculating and Warm-Agreeable, as well as measures of group cohesion. It was found that aggregated ratings on some personality dimensions were good predictors of group cohesion and that Neuroticism moderated the relationship between Warm-Agreeable and group cohesion. Group mean sccHes on Gregarious-Extraverted and Assured-Dominance were positively correlated vnUi groiq) cohesion. No support was found for a [U'edicted inverted curvilinear ”U" relationship between group o^esion and Assured-Dominance. Researcher-defined personality similarity was associated widi cohesion for some traits. Participants also provided global ratings ofpersonality similarity and complementarity, and both were positively related to group cohesion. The results suggest that while single personality dimensions considered in isolation may not correlate substantially with group cohesion, stronger effects are found when many personality traits are considered simultaneously.
dc.subjectSocial groups
dc.subjectSmall groups
dc.subjectInterpersonal relations
dc.titlePersonality compatibility and group cohesion among musicians
dc.typeThesis of Arts University

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