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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2001Adaptations of Euro-Canadian schools to Inuit culture in selected communities in Nunavut / by Paul Berger.Berger, Paul, 1965-Epp, Juanita
WarmanJ1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Classroom physical arrangement and student behaviourWarman, John AlexanderKlassen, Daniel; Epp, Juanita
PontelloK1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Effectiveness of a structured handwriting programPontello, Karen MarieEpp, Juanita
AngusJ2014d-1b.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2014Experienced Aboriginal teachers' narratives in the publicly funded school systemAngus, James L.Epp, Juanita
2001Explicit use of performance expectancy as a function of self-regulated learning / Angelina Tassone. --Tassone, AngelinaEpp, Juanita
BurnhamJ2017m-1b.pdf.jpg2017Female Brazillian students' experiences at Canadian post-secondary institutionsBurnham, JonathanEpp, Juanita
SandersonN1998m-1b.pdf.jpg1998Gender issues in initial teacher educationSanderson, Nicole BrigitEpp, Juanita
PontelloK2008d-1b.pdf.jpg2008Handwriting : an exploration of foundational skills / by Karen Pontello.Pontello, Karen MarieEpp, Juanita
SogomoC1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Job satisfaction of secondary school principals in the Rift Valley province of Kenya / by Chang'masa Kiplagat Sogomo.Sogomo, Chang'masa Kiplagat.Epp, Juanita
2001Leaving the federation : secondary administrators' responses to a change in context / by M. Karen Walker. --Walker, M. KarenEpp, Juanita
KivinenSM2010m-1a.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012The Literacy gap: an investigation of the role of hegemonic ideology in literacy educationKivinen, Sonia M.Epp, Juanita
FosterSeargeantE2001m-1b.pdf.jpg2001Lived experience of new graduate physiotherapists in the first year of practice : mentorship and program managementFoster-Seargeant, ElaineEpp, Juanita
DouglasA2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000Math anxiety, math self-concept, and performance in mathDouglas, Andrew FrederickEpp, Juanita
2001Perceptions of conformity during the student teaching placement / Natalie M. Marchment. --Marchment, Natalie MaryEpp, Juanita
RivaN1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Perceptions of learning French : a case study in French immersionRiva, NicoleEpp, Juanita
2001Personalist pedagogy of John MacMurray / Serge G. Tittley. --Tittley, Serge G.Epp, Juanita
JohnsonD1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Sources of student anger in schoolsJohnson, Dawna LeeEpp, Juanita
MorumbasiM1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Study of Kenyan secondary school principals' perceptions of the effectiveness of KESI in-service programs / by Margaret C. MorumbasiMorumbasi, Margaret C.Epp, Juanita
PrenticeS1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Teacher perceptions of the development of a school profilePrentice, Susan PatriceEpp, Juanita