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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
StPierreE2006d-1b.pdf.jpg2006Adapted flexibility of jealousy : the moderating influences of sex, children, relationship satisfaction, relationship length, and age-related changes in fertility on reactions to sexual and emotional infidelities / Edouard S. St.-PierreSt.Pierre, EdouardO'Connor, Brian
ConklinM1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Beliefs about the fetus as a moderator of postabortion adjustment / Mary Patricia D. Conklin.Conklin, Mary Patricia D.O'Connor, Brian
BovaD2006d-1b.pdf.jpg2006Differential item and test functioning of the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview in First Nations and non-First Nations children and adolescents / by Dana Bova.Bova, Dana LouiseO'Connor, Brian
StPierreE2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000Elderspeak : seniors' perceptions, estimated frequencies of receipt from different sources, and associations with self-esteemSt.Pierre, EdouardO'Connor, Brian
ScarfoJ1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Identity development and perceived parental behaviour as sources of adolescent egocentrism / Jeannie Scarfo.Scarfo, JeannieO'Connor, Brian
MountL2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000Interpersonal complementarity and rigidity in close relationships : a test of predictions from interpersonal theory / by Lauren Mount.Mount, Lauren FayeO'Connor, Brian
GougeA2008d-1b.pdf.jpg2008Item response theory analyses of the Personality Assessment Inventory in samples of methadone maintenance patients and university students / by Albert Patrick Gouge.Gouge, Albert PatrickO'Connor, Brian
HebertS1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Locus of control and sex-role beliefs in the prediction of assertiveness / by Susan Sajna Hebert.Sajna Hebert, SusanO'Connor, Brian
1993Loneliness : an examination of the nonverbal behaviors that accompany self-disclosures in unstructured conversations / by Ronald Steven Snitz.Snitz, Ronald Steven.O'Connor, Brian
SullivanT2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000Memory and medication compliance in young and elderly adults / by Trevor Sullivan.Sullivan, TrevorO'Connor, Brian
DvorakT1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Parenting styles and adolescent problem behaviors : a search for moderating variables / Troy Dylan Dvorak. --Dvorak, Troy DylanO'Connor, Brian
CartwrightH2006d-1b.pdf.jpg2006Peer acceptance, deviancy training, and victimization as predictors of adolescent problems : a search for personality moderators / by Hilary Cartwright.Cartwright, Hilary MeredithO'Connor, Brian
LarocqueC1994m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Perceived importance, causal attributions and history of teasing as moderators of the relationship between appearance esteem and global self-esteem / by Cindy Larocque.Larocque, Cindy.O'Connor, Brian
DyceJ1991m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Personality compatibility and group cohesion among musicians / Jamie Dyce.Dyce, Jamie, 1962-O'Connor, Brian
MakiS1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Predictors of chronological-subjective age discrepancies in younger and older adultsMaki, Susan AnneliO'Connor, Brian
BurgessL2008d-1b.pdf.jpg2008Rational-empirical strategy with IRT to derive personality disorder scales from the personality assessment inventory / by Leah Burgess.Burgess, LeahO'Connor, Brian
HarrisonJ2001m-1b.pdf.jpg2001Satisfaction and stability within long-term relationships involving trait hostilityHarrison, JoyO'Connor, Brian
RousseauF1998m-1b.pdf.jpg1998Study of the relationships between physical activity levels, experienced bodily changes, age-stereotyped interpretations of changes, and motivation to exercise in older adultsRousseau, Francois L.O'Connor, Brian
LarizzaSavasA1994m-1b.pdf.jpg1994Test of personality and complementarity in dyadic interactions using sequential analyses / Antoinette Larizza-Savas.Larizza-Savas, AntoinetteO'Connor, Brian
BennieD1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Test of the effectiveness of attributional feedback in reducing negative behavior in distressed couples / Deborah A. Bennie.Bennie, Deborah A.O'Connor, Brian