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Aspects of the vegetation, hydrology, water chemistry and microclimate of Barclay's Bog, Northwestern Ontario

dc.contributor.advisorBarclay, P.
dc.contributor.authorHarris, Allan G.
dc.description.abstractBarclay's Bog is located approx. 40 km. north of Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario and borders the Hawkeye Lake Watershed Study Site.
dc.description.abstractAspects of the microclimate, peat depth, surface topography, stratigraphy, hydrology, water chemistry, and vegetation were measured at Barclay’s Bog, a small kettle bog in northwestern Ontario. Shading from the forest surrounding the bog results in cool, humid conditions at edge areas. Significantly lower temperatures, both above and below the peat surface, and higher relative humidity were recorded by instruments near the edge than at the centre. The only exceptions were mean maximum temperature at the peat surface (which was higher at the edge) and mean temperature at 1 cm below the surface (no significant difference between centre and edge), probably as a result of restricted air movement caused by the trees near the edge. Snow persists longer in the spring at the edges of the bog (especially the south edge) as a result of greater accumulation due to drifting and slower melting associated with lower insolation. The highest surface elevations are found in a narrow band along the north, west and south edges of the bog, as well as at several tall hummocks. The lowest elevations are found at northeastern edge of the bog and extend to the floating mat at the centre. Difference between the highest and lowest point is approximately 65 cm. The position of the bog on the Dog Lake Moraine indicates that it is situated in a glacial kettle hole and
dc.subjectBogs Ontario Hawkeye Lake Region
dc.subjectPeat bogs Ontario Hawkeye Lake Region
dc.subjectWetland ecology Ontario Hawkeye Lake Region
dc.titleAspects of the vegetation, hydrology, water chemistry and microclimate of Barclay's Bog, Northwestern Ontario
dc.typeThesis of Science and the Forest Environment University

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