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Optical determination of metal-semiconductor Schottky barriers

dc.contributor.advisorKeeler, W. J.
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Stephen Kwok-Wah
dc.description.abstractThe photovoltage produced by a Schottky barrier photocell shows a strong temperature dependence if the barrier is not too large. We have used this temperature dependence to obtain the barrier height for several III-V semiconductor~Au, Ag combinations. The results suggest that a simple Fermi level difference model is most appropriate for many of these small barrier IlI-V photocells, This appears to be the case, even if the Fermi level difference leads to a barrier greater than the energy gap of the semiconductor.
dc.subjectDiodes, Schottky-barrier
dc.subjectSemiconductor-metal boundaries
dc.titleOptical determination of metal-semiconductor Schottky barriers
dc.typeThesis of Science University

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