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The Apple : an autoethnography of experiences in education

dc.contributor.advisorRussell, Connie
dc.contributor.authorJerome, Robert Joseph Archie
dc.description.abstractThis autoethnography focuses on my educational experiences from kindergarten through post-secondary. I look at what was and continues to be my journey. I conclude with an examination of the meaning I attribute to being called an Apple and at times being considered an outsider. What I have attempted to accomplish through autoethnography is to bring these experiences to light. I have revealed both the positive and negative experiences in my educational journey, but most importantly, I have discovered the joy of knowing who I am today. Enjoy.
dc.subjectNative peoples (Education Social aspects)
dc.subjectGroup identity
dc.subjectNative peoples (Ethnic identity)
dc.titleThe Apple : an autoethnography of experiences in education
dc.typeThesis of Education University

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