Title: Effects of differential food deprivation on partial reinforcement in two selectively bred strains of rats
Authors: Timgren, Michael
Keywords: Reinforcement (Psychology);Hunger
Issue Date: 1975
Abstract: The effects of three levels of food deprivation, and shift in reinforcement patterns were investigated in selectively bred high-(RHA/Lu) and low( RLA/Lu) avoidance strains. The high-avoidance strain responded to the appetitive drive to a greater extent than the low-avoidance strain whereas the low-avoidance strain responded to change in reinforcement pattern more strongly than the high-avoidance strain. The males and females of both the RHA/Lu and RLA/Lu strain responded differently to the change in food deprivation pattern. The RHA/Lu females and the RLA/Lu males yielded an inverted U-shaped function over the three food deprivation levels.
URI: http://knowledgecommons.lakeheadu.ca/handle/2453/434
Discipline: Psychology
Degree Level: Master
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