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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
McLaughlinR1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Accessory rare metal mineralization in the Coldwell Alkaline Complex, Northwest Ontario / by Richard Morison McLaughlinMcLaughlin, Richard MorisonMitchell, Roger H.
McKayD1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Aspects of gallium geochemistry in upper mantle-derived lherzolite xenoliths and continental alkaline volcanic rocks / by Douglas Bruce McKayMcKay, Douglas BruceMitchell, Roger H.
2001Aspects of the mineralogy of the Murun alkaline complex, Yakutia, RussiaReguir, Ekaterina, 1969-Mitchell, Roger H.
NicolD1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Assimilation of basic xenoliths within centre 3 syenites of the Coldwell Alkaline Complex, Ontario / by Derek N. NicolNicol, Derek N.Mitchell, Roger H.
1995Cathodoluminescence studies of feldspars and apatites from the Coldwell Alkaline ComplexXiong, JianMitchell, Roger H.
FarrellS1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Crystallographic studies of selected perovskite-group compounds / by Shannon Farrell.Farrell, Shannon PatrickMitchell, Roger H.
JagoB1982m-1b.pdf.jpg1982Mineralogy and petrology of the Ham Kimberlite, Somerset Island, N.W.T., Canada / by Bruce Craig Jago. --Jago, Bruce CraigMitchell, Roger H.
AlexanderM2009-1b.pdf.jpg2009The mineralogy of NYF pegmatites from the Coldwell alkaline complex, Northwestern OntarioAlexander, Malcolm AveryMitchell, Roger H.
2003Nb-mineralization of the Oka Carbonatite Complex, Quebec / Shannon Hay. --Hay, Shannon E.Mitchell, Roger H.
McBride_John.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2011Petrography and mineralogy of the C29/30 Candle Lake Kimberlite, Saskatchewan, CanadaMcBride, JohnMitchell, Roger H.
MasunK1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Petrography and mineralogy of the Lac de Gras kimberlite field, Slave Province, Northwest Territories : a comparative studyMasun, Katharine MelanieMitchell, Roger H.
LaderouteD1988m-1b.pdf.jpg1988Petrography, geochemistry and petrogenesis of alkaline dyke rocks from the Coldwell Alkaline Complex, Northwestern Ontario / by David G. LaderouteLaderoute, David G.Mitchell, Roger H.
LukosiusSandersJ1988m-1b.pdf.jpg1988Petrology of syenites from centre III of the Coldwell Alkaline Complex, Northwest Ontario / by Jurate Lukosius-SandersLukosius-Sanders, JurateMitchell, Roger H.
MuljaT1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Petrology, geochemistry, sulphide and platinum-group element mineralization of the Geordie Lake intrusion, Coldwell Complex, Ontario / by Thomas MuljaMulja, ThomasMitchell, Roger H.
2004Rare and exotic mineralogy of the western subcomplex of the Deadhorse Creek "diatreme", Northwestern Ontario / by Eric Gordon Potter. --Potter, Eric GordonMitchell, Roger H.
SelwayJ1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Silicate, sulfide, and platinum - group petrology and mineralogy of the Kawene Intrusion, Quetico subprovinceSelway, Julie BerylMitchell, Roger H.
RossK2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000X-ray diffraction and Rietveld structural refinement of selected fluoroperovskitesRoss, Kirk CampbellMitchell, Roger H.