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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
BinstedP2014d-1a.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2014Gallium nitride, indium nitride, and heterostructure development using the MEAglow growth systemBinsted, Peter W.Alexandrov, Dimiter; Reznik, Alla
TannerJ2014m-1a.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2015Gambling attitudes associated with problem gambling : the cohort effect of baby boomersTanner, JessicaMazmanian, Dwight
ManktelowS1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Gender differences in adolescent self-efficacy in sportManktelow, Scott RalphFarrell, Joey
FlessatiS1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Gender differences in mathematics anxiety : a function of response bias, math background or socialization?Flessati, Sonya LuciaJamieson, John
ChatthaH2004m-1b.pdf.jpg2004Gender differences in mental health needs and recidivism in a sample of adolescent offenders / Harpreet Kaur Chattha. --Chattha, Harpreet KaurSchmidt, Fred
SandersonN1998m-1b.pdf.jpg1998Gender issues in initial teacher educationSanderson, Nicole BrigitEpp, Juanita
BaroudJ2014m-1b.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2014Gendered media representations of sexiness and their effects on girls' educational experiencesBaroud, JamileeNicholas, Jane
Mertson_Jill.pdf.jpgApr-2009Gendering the muse : reinscriptions of patriarchal authority and the delegitimization of female authorship in selected Stephen King worksMertson, Jillian LeighWarburton, Rachel
VanNiejenhuisA1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Genecology of jack pine in north central OntarioVan Niejenhuis, AnnetteParker, William H.
2005Genecology, patterns of adaptive variation and a comparison of focal point seed zone development methodologies for white spruce (Picea glauca) / Mark Richard Lesser --Lesser, Mark RichardParker, William H.
WilliamsK1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Generalizability of the guidance hypothesis to a brief acquisitions phaseWilliams, Kimberley AnnWeeks, Daniel J.
StoehrM1985m-1b.pdf.jpg1985Genetic and environmental variation in seed, cone and progeny characteristics of black spruce clones in a northern Ontario seed orchard / by Michael U. Stoehr. --Stoehr, Michael U.Farmer, Robert E.
HoegyZ2016m-1a.pdf.jpg2016Genetic diversity and colonization patterns of Onnia tomentosa and Phellinus tremulae (Hymenochaetaceae, Aphyllophorales) in the boreal forest near Thunder Bay, northwestern OntarioHoegy, Zachary R. W.Hutchison, Leonard
2006Genetic profiling variation caused by tissue type, error, and damage / by Ryan Lamers.Lamers, Ryan PaulMatheson, Carney
AlvesM2012m-1b.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Genetic variation and adaptation of white birch populations across CanadaAlves, Matthew A.Wang, Jian
SchnekenburgerF1988m-1b.pdf.jpg1988Genetic variation in growth and yield components of juvenile balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera L.) growing in northwestern Ontario / by Frank SchnekenburgerSchnekenburger, FrankFarmer, Robert E.
1996Genetic variation in height and diameter of tamarack (Larix Laricina) and their correlation with syllepsis / by Hypolite Bayor. --Bayor, HypoliteFarmer, Robert E.
2003Genetic variation in physiology and growth under ambient and elevated CO� concentrations in four provenances of Populus tremuloides from Northwestern Ontario / Ning Liu. --Liu, NingParker, William H.; Dang, Qing-Lai
DavradouM1992m-1b.pdf.jpg-Genetic variation in the frost hardiness of Pinus banksiana Lamb. (jack pine) in Northwestern OntarioDavradou, MariaParker, William H.
PenfoldC1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Genetic variation in traits affecting the water relations of balsam poplar along a latitudinal transect in Northwestern OntarioPenfold, Cameron S.Farmer, Robert E.