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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
LeishmanAm-1a.pdf.jpg2015Accommodating Students on Classroom and Large-scale Assessments: Teachers’ Perspectives and Validity IssuesLeishman, Angelavan Barneveld, Christina
2001Adaptations of Euro-Canadian schools to Inuit culture in selected communities in Nunavut / by Paul Berger.Berger, Paul, 1965-Epp, Juanita
2008Adapting the Ontario teacher performance appraisal manual to video-based teacher assessment / by Eric Fredrickson.Fredrickson, Eric DavidPassmore, Graham
HalendaM1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Adoption and use of computer mediated communications : reactions of female site coordinators in a distributed education system / by Martha R. Halenda. --Halenda, Martha R.Sweet, Rita
SymanykMaceM1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Adoption of a cooperative learning teaching strategy in a bachelor of science in nursing courseSymanyk-Mace, MichelleFennell, Hope-Arlene
GrahamA2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Adult college students perceptions on science education : reclaiming lost ground in science education in preparation for health science programs / by Anita Graham.Graham, Anita IreneBartley, Anthony
CatalanC1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Aids education and female university students : a feminist perspective / by Cristina CatalanCatalan, CristinaBowd, Alan
Leifso_Sabrina.pdf.jpgAug-2009An Analysis of Ontario's pre-service teacher candidates' attitudes and approach towards teaching the HolocaustLeifso, Sabrina Isabelle ChristineEpp, Walter
BradyP1991m-1b.pdf.jpg1991Analysis of program delivery services in First Nations, federal and provincial schools in Northwestern Ontario / by Patrick BradyBrady, Patrick, 1951-Ryan, Jim
MacDonaldM2014m-1b.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2014Annie off my mind: heterosexist censorship of adolescent literature in intermediate/senior language arts curriculaBeemer-MacDonald, MalcolmWalton, Gerald
GerumN2014m-1b.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015Anthropocene U: Academic responses and responsibilities at Lakehead UniversityGerum, Natalie-
2006Apple : an autoethnography of experiences in education / by Robert Jerome.Jerome, Robert Joseph ArchieRussell, Connie
Dube_Christopher.pdf.jpgAug-2009Assessment and evaluation practices in outdoor, experiential, environmentally-focused integrated and interdisciplinary programsDube, ChristopherRussell, Connie
Janet Marwood MEducation.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Assistive technology and the self-esteem of students with learning disabilitiesHarwood, Janet-
CloutierY1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Attitudes and motivation for learning English among elementary francophone students / Yvon J. CloutierCloutier, Yvon JosephBowd, Alan
2002Baby boomers : will they age successfully / by Carol Anderson Demeo.Demeo, Carol Jane Anderson.Bowd, Alan
LeslieL2010d.pdf.jpg2010Becoming a literacy teacher : from teacher preparation through the first two years of literacy teaching / by Laurie Elizabeth Leslie.Leslie, Laurie ElizabethCourtland, Mary Clare
DonnellyH2015m-1b.pdf.jpg2015Becoming an ESL Teacher: An AutoethnographyDonnelly, Heather-
2010Best practices of five Canadian ecological education (ECE), environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD) pre-service teacher educators / Ron Berg.Berg, Ronald Gustav.Puk, Tom
GregoryK1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services (Inc.) program evaluation / by Karen Veronica Gregor.Gregor, Karen VeronicaFennell, Hope-Arlene